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Drive your corporate strategy through harnessing technology & innovation and transform into an organization suited to the ever-changing reality of today’s business landscape. Shape a new future by developing a technology strategy that is tailored to your organziation’s needs & capabilities and helps you achieve your full potential.

Know Your Technology Capabilties

From your enterprise systems to your business users, technology is most impactful when all its elements are in place and in harmony. It is key to proprely evaluate your company’s technology capabilities and what is holding it back from achieving its full potential and from achieving its targeted return-on-investment.
Whether it is an inadequate technology choice or an organization unable to cope with an overambitious system design, the right start is to always know where you stand as you plan your transformation journey.
Understanding your strengths and opportunities helps your organization recenter and refocus.

Your Technology Advisor

Our consultants are a highly seasoned professionals with extensive systems & business knowledge and can help identify and address your needs based on your strategic objectives and plans. We partner with you to elevate your organization’s IT and digital capabilities to effectively change how you operate and deliver value to your customers. Our wide experience with multiple technologies and industries equips us to guide you through this transformation journey and secure its success. We help you establish the ultimate Enterprise Systems Landscape through our end-to-end advisory that covers the journey from strategy, to realization, to adoption & value. Our approach, not only covers technical aspect, but also prepares your organization for a roadmap that is integral to your overall IT Transformation journey.


We are hands-on

We bridge the gap between technical & business teams

We apply best practices

We partner with business to success

Technology Consulting Services

We partner with you to elevate your organization’s IT and digital capabilities to effectively change how you operate and deliver value to your customers. Our wide experience with multiple technologies and industries equips us to guide you through this transformation journey and secure its success.

IT Strategy & Consulting

We partner with you to elevate your organization’s IT and digital capabilities to effectively change how you operate and deliver value to your customers. Our wide experience with multiple technologies and industries equips us to guide you through this transformation journey and secure its success.

IT Capability Assessment

We can help you evaluate your capabilities and identify your needs and gaps by performing a holistic assessment of all IT/IS components. Our approach covers your full range of technology elements from strategies and policies, to systems and application designs, teams and organizational designs.

IT Processes Design

IT operating as core function that drives the organization on all fronts is no longer a luxury, and transforming how the IT department itself operates is as crucial as the rest of the organization. We help transform IT organization into the institutional change agent it is meant to become through tailored procedures and policies that help it adapt to its new stature.

Enterprise Systems Strategy & Design

We design an effective strategy to cover your front-end, middle, and back-office system environments in an optimized Enterprise Systems Architecture that helps you integrate & standardize operations, achieve growth objectives, and enable competitive advantage.

ERP Selection and RFP Management

Based on an optimized Enterprise Systems Architecture and roadmap, we spearhead your ERP and core systems RFP, selection, and contracting activities. Through our established methodology, we guarantee a 360° approach that evaluates candidate solutions and providers based on technical features & fit, commercial & financial offerings, and delivery approach & risk assessment.

ERP Pre- and Post-Implementation Assessment

An ERP implementation can often be a hefty investment both from a financial and organizational sense. We help you better prepare for this journey by evaluating your readiness from a scoping, planning, and organizational perspective to maximize chances of success. We also can help you evaluate the results of your completed ERP implementation and identify successes and gaps. Where applicable, we will also present recommendations for follow-up adjustments or fixes.

Business Intelligence Program Design

We help leverage your established system capabilities to design an advanced Business Intelligence Program that elevates your IT capability from data recording, to operational KPI reporting, to strategic insights and analysis. This is coupled with the establishment of a corporate reporting drumbeat process that ensures system insights are continuously enhanced and improved.

Business Process Design

With our vast experience across multiple functions & industry verticals, we help you transform your operations towards best practices and standard operational benchmarks based on which best-in-class enterprise systems are built. This helps equip you with an “as-is” process that is already geared towards standard design of your enterprise systems and helps reduce the pains of Change Management.

Strategic Consulting Services

We partner with your top-management and C-level executives to identify, evaluate, and provide technical/digital consulting on large business initiatives and strategic restructurings. This helps keep IT and Digital Transformation in the forefront of the discussion to provide solutions and capabilities that will maximize chances of your success.


Business Process Automatability Assessment

We partnered with the customer team of an FMCG global leader to evaluate their existing process with one of their largest retailers in North America. Over the course of 4 weeks, we managed to map the existing process and propose an updated business cycle that involves up to 38 automation ideas. These were categorized and prioritized according to readiness, technical complexity, and return on investment. A 4-phase automation delivery roadmap was agreed with the client and handed over to the Intelligent Automation team for technical delivery.

Enterprise Landscape Assessment & System Selection

Working with a regional leading company in the area of Utilities distribution & operation, we performed a full operational discovery and assessment exercise aimed at defining functional requirements to select the appropriate ERP system. This involved developing a multi-phase roadmap that was used to devise scoping discussed with multiple ERP providers and partners. The assessment of ERP platforms/partners activity spanned 3 months and resulted in a final recommendation report that was presented based on multiple criteria including technical fit, commercial comparison, modular scalability, and relevant track record. Based on the final selection, the engagement was handed over to the Project Management team to prepare for project delivery activities.

Organization Performance Metrics Establishment

We worked with a leading Shared Services organization in the Middle East to establish a Performance Management framework and platform that accurately measures and reports service performance levels across the organization and enabling executive visibility and decision-making. This involved the examining of detailed service list and defining the list of metrics & KPIs in line with the company’s organizational needs and global industry standards. This was codified in a detailed KPI catalog with detailed calculation and target setting details which fed into a digital dashboard development project

Orion Technology Advisory Methodology

Our proprietary methodology to examine, assess, and recommend various improvements and initiatives as part of your Digital Strategy.


Our Technology Consulting services are tailored to the technology capability of the client. Usually starting with a landscape exploration, we understand where you stand to tailor our approach to your maturity levels. If you still did not start your technology transformation journey, this is the perfect time to engage with us to help you develop a roadmap that build your IT capability along with your organizational strategic growth plans in a manner that acts as a true enabler for growth and with acting as a financial burden.
Large scale system implementations, especially ERPs, go through a major stabilization phase after going live. This often involves a period where operational performance may be disrupted which may affect management’s perspective of the true success rate of the project. Orion’s ERP Assessment services can help identify the root causes of issues facing the company during or after an ERP implantation. We can provide insights into the true status of the project/system and help set action plans for improvement ideas and enhancement initiatives if necessary.
Following the stabilization of systems of record, leadership usually focuses on enhancing its decision making through insights built on these systems. However, most companies’ efforts in these areas are usually sporadic & unorganized and result in isolated efforts with minimum to no impact. Orion can help partner with you to establish an end-to-end business intelligence program that start from defining & codifying your reporting/KPI scope and help create the business drumbeat that will ensure accurate & timely reporting. This program is done in association with our Data Analytics team to deliver an integrated data warehousing architecture and visual dashboard platform.

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