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Enterprise Performance Management Solution

Establishing your organization’s Performance Management framework through industry standard KPIs and metrics tailored to your operational model and reported through a multi-tier dashboard platform that serves your operational, managerial, and executive audiences.

An Integrated Business Intelligence Approach

While data analytics and business intelligence are front-and-center on most companies’ digital transformation strategies, these efforts usually face the reality of unorganized/unstructured implementation attempts. This results in sporadic reporting platforms with value discrepancies, inefficient designs, and a business experience that becomes less about insights and visibility and more about challenging the reports accuracy and validity. And more often than not, due to this unstructured approach many a dashboard is left unadopted and discontinued.

What Orion offers is a focused engagement aiming at is establishing a robust Performance Management framework and platform that accurately measures and reports service performance levels across the organization and enabling executive visibility and decision-making. Our team brings a blend of best-in-class business experiences across multiple industries and business functions along with top-quality Data & Analytics capabilities to create a platform that offers at-a-glance business insights through an enhanced audience-centric experience that is quick to deliver. We also design your reporting business procedures to ensure the correct drumbeat is in place to enable timely and accurate reporting.


Framework Overview

The framework focuses on 3 main tracks:

A 4-6-week consulting engagement during which the full definition and codification of the performance management metrics/KPIs is established. This is done through focused working sessions where study your business cycles, discuss standard-industry metrics and performance targets, and finalize a KPI Catalog that is tailored to the business needs and maturity levels while keeping the standard definitions and calculation techniques.

Within as short as 3 months, we can have an integrated deck of integrated Power BI dashboards up and running offering best-in-class digital experiences and designed to fit multiple audiences. Our technical approach can be tailored to your system maturity and readiness to offer different solution tiers (Tactical Reporting – Strategic Comprehensive Reporting – Advanced Capability Reporting)

Defining the business reporting processes to ensure synchronization and to ensure all operational activities are performed according to the established reporting drumbeat to enable accurate and timely reporting.

Defnition Phase Typical Deliverables

Dashboard Design Principles

Dashboard Hierarchy & Flow

Approach all dashboards as platform of interconnected dashboard screens with a deliberate hierarchy and structure. Hierarchy, metric definition & distribution, and dashboard design serve a clear review flow that matches how the management conducts internal reviews & how executives examine business performance. This requires a fully integrated data model to ensure connected data structures and enable sharing metrics across dashboards/ business areas.

Enabling User-led Analysis

Give the power to the user – allow users to cross-examine their business performance through analyzing various combinations through filters, slicing, options, etc. Utilize integrated data model to enrich data structures and provide additional analysis dimensions. Apply visuals that streamline story-telling and provide enable intuitive self-navigation.

Enhanced Visual Design & Branding

Adopt a dynamic design that provides a more engaging user-experience. Enhance visuals through a more branding-conscious design for a fresh look-&-feel. Maintain visual design principles to ensure quality of delivery and maintain a uniform user-experience.

Dashboard Build Lifecycle


Why Work With Us?

We make it easy to build excellent Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Discover the reasons to choose us as your technology partner.

High-Quality Results

Our BI implementation services help our clients improve their performance, reduce errors, and align the decision-making process with business targets to reduce operational risks and promote growth.

A Proven Delivery Model

Building on considerable years of hands-on experience of BI Solution lifecycle implementation, Orion provides a whole suite of BI services designed to step up your business decision-making.

A Highly Professional Team

25+ members of a hand-picked development team to bring years of experience into business intelligence implementation projects to help you achieve a competitive edge.


Metric definition offers more than just listing what metrics need to be reported. Most organizations suffer from ambiguous or multi-faceted expectations of what metrics refer to, which usually results in reporting discrepancy and business reviews that focus more on challenging the numbers and assumptions behind them rather than what they actually represent. Metric definition focuses on establishing a KPI Catalog that clearly describes and codifies how each metric is defined, calculated, and presented. It also captures information such as metric owners, targets, input parameters (e.g. SLAs), audiences, and reporting frequency. This not only helps create a shared understanding across departments & business units on what each KPI represents, but also streamline the technical development process.
This is primarily a business project. The primary objective is to create the proper Performance Management reporting landscape that enables management to efficiently monitor, visualize, and analyze business performance. Accordingly, it is key that all business stakeholders be invested in all phases of the project. And while the best results are achieved when this project is spearheaded by internal “Transformation” organizations responsible for creating new capabilities and centers of excellence, it can be led by any team with the right leverage to explore and challenge existing reporting frameworks and with access to how business reviews are conducted. IT also has a major role in exploring and governing the technical platform that will be delivered as part of the project; data storage, ETL, and visual dashboards.
While most companies strive for a completely integrated system landscape before embarking on building a reporting platform, that is not always readily available or possible. Therefore our approach offers a great level of flexibility and allows us to cater for different maturity levels of system landscapes. Our primary focus is on establishing a robust performance management reporting ecosystem – so either through a full-fledged ETL structure or standardized user-filled templates, we can establish the right framework that enables the reporting of your organization’s metrics & KPIs. We will help you assess your overall landscape, identify the right starting point, and even work with you on a roadmap that creates the reporting foundation and continuously improves the architecture behind it.

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