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Orion Digital Shelf - Price & Promo Tracking

Orion Digital Shelf monitors and analyzes online retailers, at scale – delivering insights and analytics to enable teams to focus on actions to drive results.

Orion Digital Shelf is an online platform that provides access to merchants and e-commerce store owners to the product listings and pricing of their competitors. Our platform collects the data from various e-commerce websites using screen scraping, scripts and bots. The platform is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud. It utilizes database resources, compute resources, as well as Azure Databricks and Data Factory. Users will have access to certain product categories and they will see charts and graphs about the performance of their products vs. their competitors.

How It Works

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Orion Digital Shelf is powered by Artificial Intelligence at its core:

  • Natural Language Processing models to identfty product names and descriptions
  • Anomaly detection for price changes
  • Insights and Analytics powered by various ML models 

MSRP Tracking

Orion Digital Shelf platform allows brands to monitor prices of their products across channels and quickly spot MAP/MSRP violations in select online stores and marketplaces.

With Orion Digital Shelf, you will easily track the implementation of your pricing strategy by key channel partners and act on any possible violations. Aggregated data allows you to benchmark your channels and helps you choose the best partners for future cooperation.

Retailers dropping prices below recommended levels to attract potential customers are a threat to your brand’s perception and the products’ margins, especially if they lead to price wars. Defend them with our solution!

Price Change Detection

In the highly competitive online environment, retailers often follow each others’ price changes which can lead to price wars, harmful for both your products’ perception and margins.

With Orion Digital Shelf Price Tracking module you can see exactly who and when started the price war and which channels followed. Thanks to this, you can identify the partners who are most volatile and take it into consideration in your future distribution strategy.

Email Alerts

Understanding how valuable it is to receive the information about any price changes immediately, we provide fully customizable email alerts which give you quick heads-up about any changes in the chosen products’ prices. Have the information about who changed the price, by how much and when sent directly to your inbox.

Benefits of Using Orion Digital Shelf

Discover the reasons to choose us as your technology partner.

For Brands

For E-commerce Store Owners

Price and Promotion Tracking

Monitor your products' prices online and detect MAP/MSRP deviations

Distribution Reports

Check market coverage with your products and compare with your competitors'

In-store Search Results Monitoring

See the positions of your products and increase your share of virtual shelf

Banner Monitoring

Track your brand visibility in online stores

Competitor Price Monitoring

Track prices and promotions of the competing e-retailers

Dynamic Pricing

Automate your pricing policy based on internal and external data

Competitor's Assortment Report

Check what products are missing from your product range

Shop Analysis

Customized reports and standard file formats


Have a project in mind? Contact Us!

The e-retailers that are currently in scope are: 

  • Amazon.eg
  • Spinney's Egypt
  • Hyper-One
  • Carrefour Egypt
  • Metro Supermarkets
  • Noon
  • Bloom
  • eXtra Stores

However, there is a long list of other stores that are currently being integrated into our platform.

Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

There are over 5,000 products being scanned on a daily basis. This covers categories such as:

  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Household Care
  • Baby Care
  • Personal Care
  • Electronics

Orion Digital Shelf pricing is based on a monthly subscription. The subscription amount depends on the number of stores and the number of products you need access to. Contact us for pricing.

Yes, the output reports from Orion Digital Shelf can be customized to match your requirements.

Orion Digital Shelf can be integrated into other systems through APIs or flat-file interfaces.

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