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Automated Order Processing - For 3PL and Distribution

Orion’s Automated Order Processing Solution for 3PL and Distribution Companies is a fully automated solution for capturing customer orders in various formats and processing them in ERP/WMS system. The solution can handle hundreds of orders per hour and can apply all the data and business validation rules while processing those orders.

In the fast paced operations of a 3PL or distribution company, speed and reliability of transactions are the cornerstone of success. Multi-tenant 3PLs and Distribution companies have to deal with the huge complexity of managing thousands of customer orders with tens of thousands of line items each month. These orders arrive through multiple channels: EDI, web, email, files, etc. Order processing teams need to be trained on how to handle each order type, depending on their agreements with their customers. The order processing process is error-prone as it is highly dependent on human expertise. 

Solution Overview

Orion’s Automated Order Processing Solution is built using Robotic Process Automation and is capable of processing thousands of order line items each day. The solution meets the audit/regulatory requirements of the life sciences industry. 

Solution Features

Order Validation

Whitelist for senders from each customer. Validates that the customer is using the right order template. Ensures new items are already created on the system. If not, it will notify master data team.

Processing Logic

Mapping table for any irregular items. Pick items from available lots only. Pick orders from nearest locations. Broken pallet vs full pallet. First Expiry First Out. Re-runs can be triggered manually by users.


Communicate back to customer in case of any errors. Communicate to Data Entry team in case of any exceptions.

Audit Trail and Reporting

Robot will have its own username on ERP/WMS. All transactions will be logged. Order audit log table will be used to track all the orders that were created by the robot.

Powered by Digital Workers (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation powers the Automated Order Processing Solution. RPA is a reliable technology that can perform tasks across business systems and applications in much the same way as human workers do. RPA software ‘robots’ are especially good at repeatable, routine, rules-based tasks such as accessing customer data from several business systems, checking a form for completeness or processing an order. RPA is highly customizable and can implement any business logic needed by the work process. RPA helps organizations improve process efficiency and accuracy.

Scalable Solution

Orion’s Automated Order Processing Solution can scale up to meet the demand of new customers, new sites or a surge in month-end orders. The solution is also extendable and can also process other warehouse and distribution transactions, such as:

  • Order confirmations
  • Stock putaway
  • Printing of picklists
  • Daily reports
  • Warehouse reconciliations
  • Warehouse auditing
  • Customer communications

Fully Compliant

The solution has gone through GMP Computer Systems Validation for use in regulated environments. The solution offers key features required by compliance and audit teams:

  • Data storage and archiving
  • Controlled system and user access
  • Audit logs and traceability
  • Validation documentation
  • Technical documentation


The solution can be customized for any ERP/WMS. It will take several weeks of configuration and testing to port it to a new ERP/WMS.

Yes, the solution is customizable. It will require several weeks of business requirements gathering, documentation, configuration and testing on the new process.

RPA can access any ERP/WMS without the use of any integrations (via the GUI or the browser). However, performance is faster and more reliable of there are existing web services.

  • Faster order processing
  • More reliability
  • Less dependence on humans
  • Better compliance and audit tracking

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