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Automating hundreds of work processes in supply chain planning, manufacturing, customer order management, financial reporting and master data management. Building enterprise performance management dashboards to drive the business.

Benefits of Automation and Data Analytics in the Consumer Goods Industry

Increased Warehouse Productivity

Automating warehouse transactions to improve productivity and lower inventory costs.

Enhanced Customer Service

Increase the supply chain visibility to win the customers.

Optimized Truck Loads and Routes

Maximize the utilization of truck capacity, minimize empty space, and reduce the number of trucks required for transportation.

Inventory Optimization

Minimized stock-outs, automatic inventory replenishment, and real-time visibility

Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

Bypass supply chain complexities with analytical capabilities.

Reduced Freight Cost

Save costs on fuel consumption and asset maintenance.

Efficient Route Planning

Pave the way for timely deliveries and lower shipping costs.

Real-time Fleet and Driver Monitoring

Prioritize driver safety and keep track of all the fleet operations.

Increased Visibility to Business Insights

Unlock the hidden value trapped inside company data.

What We Offer

We deliver solutions to help our clients drive real business outcomes, including industry-specific application support and accelerators, with a focus on Consumer Goods, Retail, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction and Healthcare.

Advisory Services

IT Strategy & Planning Enterprise Systems Roadmaps Enterprise Systems Selection & RFP Management Data Strategy & Architecture Program & Project Governance

Implement & Deliver

Intelligent Process Automation Data & Analytics Enterprise Performance Management Process Assessment Program & Project Management Supply Chain Digitization Electronic Invoicing

Deliver Continuous Value

RPA / BI Control Room Monitoring & Support Platform / Infrastructure Management Enterprise Performance Management/Business Insights Data Management
We welcome opportunities to work alongside different teams on projects of any complexity. Working together, we will develop new systems, solutions, and products to put you ahead of your competition.

As a leading technology consulting and data analytics company, we help our clients to extract valuable business insights from their data to better understand their audience, forecast demand, reduce risks, prevent cost overruns, and much more.

We Use Different Tools and AI Services

– Blue Prism
– UIPath
– Automation Anywhere
– Abbyy
– Microsoft Power Automate

– Azure Data Factory
– Databricks
– Synapse Analytics

– Microsoft PowerBI
– Tableau
– Quicksight

– Azure AutoML
– Tensorflow

– Google App Engine

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Consultants, Solution Engineers, Data Scientists, Architects, Analysts, and Project Managers

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Regional and Global Customers

Key Geographies: USA, Canada, Western Europe, MEA, and APAC

Key Industries

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Consumer Goods, Retail, Distribution, Logistics, Healthcare

Projects Delivered

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Robotic Process Automation, Dashboards, Data Engineering, AI/ML, Enterprise Systems Consultancy, and IT Project Management


Supply Chain End-to-End Visualization

Gain full visibility and control over your supply chain operations with our cutting-edge visualization solution, and make informed decisions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our end-to-end supply chain visualization solution offers unprecedented insights into every step of the supply chain journey, from suppliers to customers. By leveraging advanced data analytics and visualization techniques, we provide a comprehensive and real-time view of the entire supply chain ecosystem. With interactive dashboards and intuitive visualizations, businesses can easily track inventory levels, monitor production processes, and identify potential bottlenecks or delays.

Run-based Maintenance & Cycle-based Maintenance

Digital workers automatically adjust the maintenance schedule on SAP for equipment and parts that haven’t gone through full usage. This saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in premature maintenance.

Safety Stock Target Setting

We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to determining the right inventory safety stock levels. Excessive stock leads to unnecessary holding costs and ties up capital, while insufficient stock results in missed sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers. That’s why we have developed a revolutionary solution that empowers companies to set the correct inventory safety stock with confidence. Our solution is an inventory optimization software that leverages advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to help you achieve optimal safety stock levels. By combining historical sales data, demand forecasting, lead time uncertainty, and statistical modeling, it provides you with accurate recommendations that align with your business goals.

Advanced Planning Solutions Implementation (OMP)

As an OMP partner, Orion implements and supports OMP’s advanced planning solution. which is a cloud-based software that helps businesses optimize their supply chain. It provides a comprehensive set of features, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, production planning, and transportation planning. As an OMP partner, Orion implements and supports OMP.

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