Orion Digital Shelf – Price and Promo Tracking

Orion Digital Shelf is a complete suite of cloud-based tools for retailers and manufacturers/brands that are looking to enhance their price positioning in online and offline channels. It allows retailers to react quickly to competitor sales strategies, while helping brands anticipate price wars within their distribution channel.

MSRP Tracking

Orion Digital Shelf platform allows brands to monitor prices of their products across channels and quickly spot MAP/MSRP violations in select online stores and marketplaces.

With Orion Digital Shelf you will easily track the implementation of your pricing strategy by key channel partners and act on any possible violations. Aggregated data allows you to benchmark your channels and helps you choose the best partners for future cooperation.

Retailers dropping prices below recommended levels to attract potential customers are a threat to your brand’s perception and the products’ margins, especially if they lead to price wars. Defend them with our help.

Price Change Detection

In the highly competitive online environment, retailers often follow each others’ price changes which can lead to price wars, harmful for both your products’ perception and margins.

With Orion Digital Shelf Price Tracking module you can see exactly who and when started the price war and which channels followed. Thanks to this, you can identify the partners who are most volatile and take it into consideration in your future distribution strategy.

Email Alerts

Understanding how valuable it is to receive the information about any price changes immediately, we provide fully customizable email alerts which give you quick heads-up about any changes in the chosen products’ prices. Have the information about who changed the price, by how much and when sent directly to your inbox.