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Job: Supply Chain Digitization Solution Engineer (OMP)

Title Supply Chain Digitization Solution Engineer (OMP)
Location Cairo, Egypt
Job Information

What is Supply Chain Digitization?

As the adoption of Industry 4.0 continues to sweep through industries around the world, the supply chain sector included, it brings with it never-seen-before innovative technologies that can completely transform the operations of a supply chain network, company or procurement process. Two of the biggest benefits that supply chains can take from digitizing their processes are speed and cost. Taking operations to the next technological level can significantly cut the time it takes to make strategic decisions, while also boosting operational efficiency. By improving pricing and operating costs, manufacturers also believe they will see increased sales from more digital processes. 

End-to-end transparency and synchronization is the ultimate goal for a number of supply chain operators, being the crucial component to achieving significant efficiency gains. In a system with end-to-end transparency, every member of every step along the supply chain network will have access to all data. Digitizing processes can enable improved visibility and provide real-time insights into the supply chain, giving people along the chain full control.

Supply Chain Digitization is enabled through the use of different technologies, including: ERP systems, Supply Chain Planning Solutions, Analytics and Robotic Process Automation. 

Supply Chain Digitization Solution Engineer – Job Vacancy

Do you enjoy solving complex supply chain problems? Are you passionate about adding value to Fortune 500 companies? Are you ready to become part of our highly passionate team of supply chain digitization experts?

The Solution Engineer will analyze business problems, design and configure technology solutions to these problems using various low-code technologies and manage the project through its life cycle. 

Ideal candidate profile

  • Graduate from Production Engineering, Mechatronics, Business Informatics or Computer Science
  • Supply Chain practical or academic knowledge
  • Knowledge of programming and OOP basics
  • Previous exposure to software development projects
  • Basics of a scripting language (JS/ VBS/ JavaScript)
  • Ability to analyze, understand business problems
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Access, Outlook, Excel) including macros creation
  • Fluency in English
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills


Working Relationships / Communication:

  • Regularly interacts with Orion360 company management
  • Regularly interacts with client teams (Cairo, Europe)
  • Works from Orion360 office (Cairo)
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