Ministerial Decision No 188 for 2020 was issued to enforce all corporate tax payers to implement ETA e-Invoice system in 2021. This means that you need to connect your ERP or Accounting System with the ETA E-Invoice portal.

Orion has worked with dozens of companies to implement this integration for multinational and local companies. We provide business consultancy, technical consultancy as well as our own e-invoice software that can easily enable you to meet the ETA deadline.

With Orion, you can be fully compliant from a tax and technical standpoint in a matter of days. Our solution has been audited and certified by several multinational companies.


Fill out the below form and get instant access to our Egypt E-Invoice guide that explains all ETA requirements. It also includes a project management guide to help you adopt the right organizational and business approach to be fully compliant before the deadline.

    Integrate your ERP / Accounting Software with ETA E-Invoicing Portal

    Orion end-to-end e-invoicing solution meets 100% of the Egyptian Tax Authority requirements including digital signature. Our solution is deployed on-premise and can be customized to meet your company’s IT and security requirements.

    Our solution loads invoice data directly from an xlsx or csv file that has been extracted directly from the ERP system, or it can read invoice details directly from a database table. This approach allows for a fully automated process without having to make any complex integrations with your ERP system.

    Orion E-Invoicing Solution Features

    Need Technical Consultancy?

    Is your company implementing Electronic Invoicing and you need technical consultancy regarding any of the below topics?

    • Getting a better understanding of the technical requirements for the portal and mapping them to your IT landscape
    • GS1 coding standards
    • How to extract invoices from your ERP system (SAP, EBS, JDE, AX, etc)
    • How to use the e-signature token and how to integrate it into your application
    • Best practices for using the ETA portal web services
    • How to track invoice statuses locally to avoid duplication

    Our technical consultants can engage with your tax and IT teams to help you integrate e-invoicing into your current process and systems landscape.